Disclaimer: This is not a review of the series. I am just venting out my frustration over a couple in it. Spoilers alert even though I've hidden their names.
From my last post , I've talked about not liking a couple because in order for them to get together, one of them needed to flirt with the other in two books, finally having him give in the next one, going behind their respective partners (yes, both of them in a committed relationship) in the next book and finally getting together in the latest book I've read.
I've yet to start on book 12 but I just need to let out this uneasiness I have over this couple and how they were written.
First, their foundation.  The first time they met, character number 1 is just starting college where he met character 2 who became his boyfriend. He of course met  character 3, C2's father and character 4, C3's partner for 4 years.  Fast forward to  3 years, C1 is in a steady relationship with C2 but still lusts (he says he's in love but it's to hard to believe in knowing he's saying that to almost all older men in the series. ) on C4.
Now, C3 and C4 has been a couple for 7 years when C4 finally gave in to C1's advances. (about 3 books of innuendos) I actually skipped this book because it was too painful to read. Not because I feel sad for C3's character but because I feel murderous over C1's callousness.
Then on the next book, they were agonizing over their supposed one night stand and how they don't want to hurt C3 (because  unlike C2 who's smart to leave C1 behind in the last book, C3 and C4 are still partners in a "committed" relationship). But did that stop them from doing it again? NO.
So now we have added guilt (oh the drama!) when suddenly C3's like "meh, I knew it from the start. Let's break up."
What. The. Eff?!
I respect this author. She's an award-winning author and has written lots of books. But this. This. THIS takes the cake!
And the reason for the break-up?
"You don't like going to art museums. "
And I'm like, are you telling me that you stayed together for 7 freaking years but would end it because one doesn't like art?!
It's like saying to your husband, "oh you don't like blue? Le'ts divorce because I love it."
No. Just no.
So while I'm off sprouting profanities inside my head, C1 and C4's relationship was suddenly okay, because unlike with C3, they BOTH don't like going to art museums. (Not to mention they actually got engaged and was set to marry on book 12, the next book I'm supposed to read.)
This kind of character and relationship development irked me to no end.  And here I thought I was ready to commit murder because of C1's father's issues on the first 5 books of the series.
Train-wreck. It's a beautiful train-wreck.
If not for Mr. Larsen, i would have abandoned this series eons ago. OTL



A lot of things happened but these are the things that stuck in my memories.

*Heechul smiling when he saw my Heechul Towel during the first performance where they went around the stage to interact with fans.  No, he didn't cry actually but my friends said his eyes got watery. Also, I think it was the first Heechul banner he saw or just the first banner he noticed. IDK.

*Heechul passing by again and seeing my "We miss you" banner. He stopped  and gave me a nod of approval.

*Kangin giving a flying kiss when he saw me holding the "forever your Kim Youngwoon" banner. And since I'm the only one holding it on our line again, I guess I kind of stood out? And boy, was I star struck. *___*

*This one happened during So I. My friends and I were holding the "Always Yours" banner and Donghae stopped in front of us to read it. Then he smiled while pointing at each and everyone of us holding it. It was also the song after he told us to don't cheat so he was happy to see our reply.

*This one didn't happened at the concert.  When we returned to the hotel, there was a bus in front unloading some Koreans. We didn't pay them any attention when a friend of mine told me to look back and I was like "Why?" then I saw Gunhee right behind us. So I whispered for my friend to take a picture but she can't find her phone. We caught up with our other friends and one of them asked for a picture but Gunhee decline. It's still nice to see him in person though. XD

A lot of members went in front of us though. During Kyu's perf in Rock star, he went crazy and he did that headbanging thing in front of me. (It was a bit awkward because I'm not used on seeing Kyu like that hahaha) Donghae took our blue roses and was at our side about 85% of the concert. He seemed tired and wasn't that playful like the past Super shows. But he still tried his best to interact with fans. Shindong took the panda (no, it's not Pyuu. We saw a panda similar to him and brought it at the concert) my sister threw at the stage and played with it with Heechul. It was funny because Sungmin was walking towards them to maybe get the Panda but Shindong threw it and Sungmin stopped then turned away.

I really liked it though because Kangin was always on our side. (I think the forever yours Kim Youngwoon did the trick heheh).   There was also a part  when Sungmin didn't left our side after joining Kyu while laughing at us because we're trying to imitate Kyu. A lot of members passed by us as well but these are the moments I remember the most.

It's really nice to see them again. fufufufufu I can't wait for SS6~ XD


Happiness~ <3


(Trans) I’m happy^-^ I hope I can continue to laugh like this everyday from now on.. A relationship that would let us remember our past memories while smiling, not only as Universe Big Star and fan, but even when we become old grandfathers and grandmothers.. After meeting Gunhee, I have learned to relax, and be positive. Instead of hoping for 200% of happiness for just me, I hope you all and I could have 100% of happiness together.


ah Chul. As long as you're happy, I don't care who you want to be with, may it be with Gun Hee, a future wife or a purple alien, I'M HAPPY~! <333333333333


Happy Heechul=Happy Me

Hahaha Heenim's been active on Instagram lately. But what do we expect, he spent 2 years not being able to do that. ahahhahahhaa

But no Chul, not even you can make me have an instagram account. Maybe next time. lols

But thank you for people who kept on updating twitter with his IG photos.

And I must say, Heechul ah, you look absolutely blooming~! (pregnant already? hahahah)

His honeymoon pics with GunHee though is absolutely adorable~ <33333
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I admit. I can't get over the fact that I fail to make a simple wish list. 
So for Christmas, all I want to get are Fukubukuro aka Lucky bags.
Some suggested themes:
->Anything music related. Jrock, Jpop, SJ, Feel good songs. etc... Send me a mixtape and I would gladly listen to it. Make me listen to your favorite songs. (Give me a random CD. I don't care what's in it as long as it will not send a curse on me. -The Ring...nuff said)
*Cute stuff
->All those cute Japanese stuff you always see in Saizen or Daiso. If you're brave enough, please go to 168 and buy me loads of decotape. I'll love you THHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS much.
-> Glutton. Enough said.
But these are mere suggestions so....

Scary... :/

My family and I went shopping earlier.

After doing the grocery, we thought of eating out for dinner. As we wait for the food to arrive, we heard a loud sound like someone dropped something heavy on the floor.

Turns out, a security guard dropped his gun. Good thing it had the safety lock on. Everyone was looking at the guard as he quickly picked up his gun and nonchalantly walked away.

It pissed me a bit. He needs to be more careful. What if the gun had gone off? Someone might've been shot or worse, killed by accident.

Knowing some people are like that, it's indeed a scary world. :/